Baccarat Dancing Equates To A $250,000 Fine for Caesar’s


A man walked and danced on a baccarat table while the game was in progress and Caesar’s allowed this to occur. Now, they are willingly paying a $250,000 fine to the Gaming Control Board because of it.

The Gaming Control Board’s Complaint

The Gaming Control Board filed a complaint that the casino did not take the proper actions to protect the customer and the game that was being played. Caesar’s and the Board recently reached a settlement to avoid any type of litigation. Next month, this fine will be presented for final approval to the Gaming Commission.

On October 10th, 2009, a customer was engaged in a high-limit game of baccarat when they decided to climb onto the table from their chair, walk around and do a little dance. This happened on three different occasions during the session. The allegations state that while on the table, he also placed a bet each time prior to standing on his chair and eventually sitting back down.

The Details Of The Settlement

In the settlement, Caesar’s acknowledges the action and accepts the allegations of the complaint. They are ready to pay the fine for not taking any action when this incident occurred. Litigation and legal troubles are extremely detrimental to the reputation of the casino, especially with the Gaming Control Board. This is the reason for the choice of a settlement.

Since this is such a rare occurrence in the gaming industry, it is believed that due to the amount of money the patron was wagering in the high rollers room, Caesar’s management did not want to scare away a big fish. As a result, they opted to allow him to pretty much do whatever he wanted as long as he continued to gamble at their casino.

Casinos are in the business of providing entertainment through gambling, nightlife, restaurants and shows. Although this gentleman was wagering large amounts, there must be a line that does not allow high rollers to do whatever they want. Yes, they are pumping a great deal of cash through the casino cages, but that shouldn’t allow them to act disorderly and disrespectful to their gracious host.

Caesar’s has found that out the hard and costly way. In the future, it is unlikely they will allow this type of shenanigans to occur. If this behavior continues, they will be paying large sums often just to avoid legal troubles.